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Leading clients into the future of life sciences

Ten Count Consulting started in 2013 by Mark Karhoff, and the company has successfully implemented transformative supply chain innovations at both multinational consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. After spending ten years on IBM global projects, our Founder decided to pursue entrepreneurship and started Ten Count Consulting. Our name is inspired by a military veteran leader who mentored Mark early in his career and taught the practice of a visual inspection “ten count” – a quick measure of team productivity to make sure processes and systems are functioning optimally.

Our first client was in the pharmaceutical industry, and we have worked with many companies to interpret and create solutions to comply with the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act, evolving global serialization regulations and other system and supply chain challenges. We understand the stress involved in ensuring your customers are safe and your supply chain is ready for the DSCSA serialization deadlines.  We strive to become our clients trusted partner, and our passion is to help you into the future of health sciences.

Ten Count Consulting DSCSA Assessments
Value Beyond Compliance

Our executive team is comprised of experts with over 25 years of experience implementing project management and business-minded solutions for the pharmaceutical, financial, supply chain management and health sciences industries. We use holistic systems and risk management thinking to orchestrate track and trace solutions across the Rx serialization supply chain ecosystem. 

Bringing quality and safety to life.

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Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

Our experience enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that help generate a new return on investments.

Our background provides clients with a deep level of subject matter expertise in product traceability, supply chain innovation, life sciences and pharmaceutical serialization.

Engagement and social responsibility are bedrocks of our corporate beliefs and we put this into practice through mentorship and hands-on volunteering. We are proud Chicagoans and support the organization Year Up by facilitating opportunities for young adults to gain marketplace skills, experience and learn about cutting-edge technology and innovation.

As a team, we are always willing to consider opportunities to speak at conferences or participate in industry workgroups.  Our team members have participated directly and on the behalf of clients in several efforts led by GS1, HDA, MediLedger Project, PMI and the FDA  We believe strongly in keeping up to date of the latest trends and practices by attending education sessions or furthering our certifications with the top industry associations in the areas of track trace, GS1, pharmaceutical serialization, product traceability, blockchain pharma, systems thinking, and value beyond compliance.

We always welcome new opportunities to network, speak or share our knowledge with industry colleagues and the next generation of system technologists.

Mark Karhoff