HDA DSCSA Survey 2021

HDA Publishes Serialization Readiness Survey with Useful Insights

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance recently released their annual survey to share "the current readiness of manufacturers and distributors to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements." The survey contains useful insights on how the industry is doing in the path towards DSCSA 2023 including the challenging interoperable requirements.

Full survey found here: https://www.hda.org/resources/2021-serialization-readiness-survey

HDA has done a great job of continuing to advance this survey and we feel it is the most comprehensive and telling DSCSA related survey going. We continue to remain hopeful that dispensers’ insights will begin to be more highlighted through their trade groups and other efforts, but those trade groups would do well to take note from HDA's survey. This survey continues to show areas that are progressing or lacking along with both a high-level executive look and detailed comments shared from participants that can serve as useful nuggets of information. We recommend looking through the detailed comments shared at the end of the survey as a sampling of thoughts and challenges. It is beneficial to the industry that this report is offered for free download so that even the smallest and most financially challenged organizations can benefit.

We thought it would be good to help keep the conversations going by sharing our key takeaways from the report. Here are things that jumped out from our review of the survey.



We encourage all stakeholders in DSCSA to download this survey and consider how it impacts your plans and interactions with trading partners, trade groups and all the industry work on DSCSA 2023.

We would love to hear others' insights so feel free to add comments through our posts on the blog or through LinkedIn, Twitter or Medium!

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