Keeping the Blockchain Conversations Going

We appreciate advancing open dialogue on the use of unfolding technologies such as Blockchain.

We see DSCSA as a compliance driver for a digital transformation in US Pharmaceuticals that will benefit from these advancements.

As we outlined in past industry articles, we feel that the distributed ledger and smart contracts features of some Blockchain solutions is a likely first area of adoption in the industry.

We are encourage to see companies like Chronicled moving forward with solutions like MediLedger which is now becoming widely used for managing DSCSA Verification GTIN Lookup Directory across solution providers as well as expanding their solution for managing product pricing contracting. We are also encouraged to see LedgerDomain bring Blockchain enabled functions into the hospital pharmacy settings for prescriptions drugs throug XATP, BruinChain and KitChain.

There has also been further work by groups like PharmaLedger in EU to advance the conversation and potential use cases through collaboration.

This recent article by Chris Howard and Steve McNew is a good reminder of some of the possibilites of Blockchain in Pharma along with some thoughts on planning your companies exploration and engagement.

Pharmaceutical Online-Blockchain Article

We also encourage you to checkout our past article on Blockchain Adoption Barriers.

You can also listen to a podcast from 2020 where Mark talked about some of the unfolding possiblities of Blockchain.

We continue to welcome you thoughts, comments or any other articles you feel we should share through this blog!

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