Mark Karhoff to Speak at LSPediA Customer Advisory Board Meeting June 28, 2022

LSPediA will hold their next Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting on Tuesday, June 28 at 2PM EDT.

Mark Karhoff  will present during the meeting. The rest of the agenda and registration information can be seen by clicking here.

Ten Count recognizes the important role that solution providers like LSPediA play in helping their clients prepare for DSCSA 2023.

We appreciate the invitation from LSPediA to share an independant industry update including relaying the results of NABP's (National Association of Board of Pharmacy's) recent state regulator DSCSA Pilot and plans for an upcoming proof of concept for state regulator DSCSA connectivity.

Pictured: Kyung Kim, Mark Karhoff, Mike Karhoff

Please reach out to us if you would like further information or feel we can help your company of clients in your DSCSA 2023 journey!

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