Ten Count Consulting Updated Website

Ten Count Consulting Announces New Website

We are excited to share our new & improved website that includes an updated services menu and news page for the latest on all things DSCSA and pharmaceutical supply chain.

Check out our new page at www.tencountconsulting.com !

We would like to thank Aleberry for their creative and website design efforts!

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The US pharmaceutical supply chain is undergoing increasing innovation and disruption including the DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act). DSCSA is a law passed in 2013 to serialize and enable tracking features for most prescription drugs. The law unfolds over 10 years concluding with the most complex requirements of building an interoperable system for sharing and facilitating the gathering of transactional information data (ownership related changes).

We are an independent source of information and believe in sharing any related news and updates that may benefit our clients and the industry as a whole. It is through smarter and more transparent interoperability that we believe many of the current industry challenges can be solved.

How can I contribute?

If you have news or information that you feel is useful to supply chain professionals from manufacturers, distributors, dispensers or 3PLs, please comment or send us an email at info@tencountconsulting.com

Who is Ten Count Consulting?

Ten Count Consulting, LLC is a supply chain consulting company that specializes in helping pharmaceutical and healthcare clients:

-Understand and achieve compliance

-Wisely leverage innovative technologies

-Increase measurable value and reduce operating costs

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