Ten Count Rewind: Are you DSCSA Audit Ready?

Looking back at some of the articles and blog posts we did to help outline some steps to complete your DSCSA journey.

1. Partner. Find an independent partner that knows the law, guidance and standards and can help to avoid being sold things you don't need and explain things operationally.


2. Educate. Become familar with the key parts of the law, guidance, standards, industry groups that apply to the roles your organization is playing (manufacturer, distributor, dispenser, 3PL, repackager, etc). Here we did a blog series for dispensers to understand their requirements.


3. Align. Work with your industry partners. In this article we walked through how we helped a group of leading manufacturers determine common pain points and look to build alignment on compliance for patient safety.


4. Document. Once you have started your implementations until you complete the last transition to sustain, you should be capturing how you are covering each requirement of DSCSA.


Consider an independent assessment at any point in your DSCSA journey!

We offer various levels of assessments that are meant to serve any organization no matter which sector or where they are in the DSCSA journey from basic understanding to moving towards preparing for external audits.

DSCSA Assessment (tencountconsulting.com)

Find more information on our assessment page or reach out to us at info@tencountconsulting.com

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