What Software Do You Need to Be DSCSA Compliant?

With the fast approaching DSCSA 2023 requirments now 16 months away, many pharmacuetical stakeholders from manufacturers to dispensers are asking this question. DSCSA has been especially challenging to predict what is needed for the more complex requirements related to interoperability. This gets even more difficult to understand as you move down the supply chain towards dispensers.

We believe the best way to begin any significant supply chain change, is by making sure you understand:

  1. What requirements does your organization need to meet both now and in the future?
  2. What gaps do you have to meet those requirements?
  3. What options should you consider to mitigate those gaps?

We have addressed questions 1 & 2 in previous posts and articles which you can find through the links here:

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For question 3, we would like to share a few thoughts to consider as you look to understand what software may be involved in mitigating DSCSA gaps.

The most important points we can make, is that you should understand what your organization needs and that you should explore what options are available before committing to what will likely be a long term and critical partner in your DSCSA compliance!

Don't Get Lost in the Approaching Wave of DSCSA Solution Demand

We are glad to provide advisory DSCSA service for all sectors of the supply chain and are available to help plan your organization's DSCSA compliance journey.

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