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DSCSA Serialization Services

A critical component of serialization laws like DSCSA is the proper printing and encoding of GS1 compliant 2D Datamatrix barcodes. Our team has experience reviewing serialization related printing to ensure both human-readable and barcode encoded information is printed in a format that is readable and scannable. We provide services to assist you in ensuring your barcodes are scannable and following GS1 and HDA guidelines and recommendations.

Ten Counts Consulting

Are your solutions following the latest FDA, HDA and GS1 guidelines and specifications?

RX Serialization Systems Integrator

Ten Count has experience with the leading and largest global solution providers and has also helped clients utilize legacy and partner systems to fulfill their track and trace needs.  We lead through any phase of implementation or stabilization and help find the systems that best align with a companies future.

Product Verification Systems Integrator

It is important to understand what your company and impacted partners plans are to support Product Verification systems and its impact on the flow of saleable returns in the supply chain. Our team has been part of workgroups to develop HDA VRS requirements and author GS Standards.  Ten Count can provide services to your organization in order to better understand this new industry solution, selecting a solution provider or developing legacy systems.

GS1 EPCIS Messaging Integrator

Now that the US and many global markets are packaging mostly serialized prescription product, it is important to understand the GS1 EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) messaging that has become the most widely used standard in sharing product tracking event data with your trading partners.  Ten Count provides services to help identify requirements and guide you through a successful implementation based on our experience with clients and our associates’ participation in GS1 related work groups.