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Supply Chain Innovations

As life science experienced professionals in track and trace, holistic systems thinkers and specialists in  serialization blueprinting we are continuously working to understand the latest technology and to keep our clients on the latest proven technologies.  We do this to achieve maximum efficiency, increase return on investment, and help find value beyond compliance for our clients.

Value Beyond Compliance

Do you need value beyond compliance to offset costly serialization solutions ?

We understand our customers don’t just want consultants, they want and need experts and innovators to help avoid being lost in the endless effort to understand which innovations are providing proven value. This is why we are committed to the evolution of new technologies like systems thinking and advanced analytics to unveil opportunities for supply chain optimization.

We continue to explore blockchain for pharma and we are working with our clients to pilot the use of the technology. We believe in exploring, evaluating and advising on promising new technology to help integrate ecosystems and fix the traditional fragmentation of the life sciences industry.

The following video from the MediLedger Project is one example of some of the innovation our team members continue to be a part of: